things i love tuesday

Today I love: SEWING & NOTIONS

Based out of Chicago this printing shop makes things the old fashioned way!
No computers, no plastics.. produced on machines that are 50 to 100 years old.
Rad typefaces and cool designs make them even better!

Tessa and her little pup Ruby Roo head up this design company with adorable screen prints!

The whimsical designs from this California jewelry shop are simply adorable!
The fact that they have 12 pages full of inventory make it hard to narrow down your purchase.
I guarantee they will make their way into your favorites!

I sorta freaked out when I found his shop,
 then I did a double take when I found out she is only a town over from me! 
 Oh em gee these are amazing and there's not much more I can say because I know you will agree!


  1. the letterpress is great! I will have to check them out for sure :)

  2. That green screen printed bag is gorgeous. I want one!

  3. Anonymous25 May, 2011

    all those perfectly hand set letters are making me drool! love that first print.


  4. I just bought that bag for my mom :) Thanks!

  5. those last little postcards are so fabulous, i have a very small collection of vintage thread that i just love.