Updated Studio Tour {+ a discount}

You may remember visiting my studio {here}.
Lately it has become very obvious that I need more room!
I was doing everything at that one white table, and it wasn't cutting it.

Here is a little pic to refresh your memory...

So I took over the left hand side of the studio, put those built in shelves to use
and made a new packaging area..awwwwww my mind is so much clearer now!

Do you want to know what those little cards say?
Finish this post for a sneak peek and an  Elise Joy discount!!!

Its amazing how a small change can make a HUGE difference.
Now I have a specific area strictly for packaging!
This is going to make the whole process of how my business functions, just simpler.

(please ignore the tub of fabric on the ground that needs to get back onto my shelves!!)

I would like to say that now that I took it over and kicked the husband out own 100% of this room
 and it is officially a full studio,
 that I should have the final say on tearing out that carpet next
 and putting in wood floors, wouldn't you agree?

Oh remember I mentioned a discount?!
Well first meet Elise Joy
next, check out her business cards...

Amazingly adorable and genius right??..
I came across her cards at her booth when we were both vendors at The Queen Bee Market,
 and I'm not ashamed to admit that I took one of each just because I loved them so much =)
Ok if those are just her biz cards can you imagine all the other things she creates..!!

Her BLOG is one of my favorite reads, as its put together so perfectly..
and even though she seems to have many talents and a lot going on,
it never feels overwhelming to be there..
instead I admire her creativity, and uniqueness
this girl knows who she is, and when you see the things she makes
it makes you feel happy that maybe she knows who you want to be too..
(does that make sense??) because that's how I feel.

Anywho.. she is rad and is offering up a 10% discount to all of you,
so I'm not joking when I say Take Advantage of this offer!


  1. i.am.so.jealous.

    gosh i wish i had a studio and could make pretty things! :[

    AlphabetSoup Style

  2. Your studio is awesome Heather! Just did a post on organization today. Sorry I didn't see your blog before I posted it. Beautiful! Diana

  3. I am loving your studio big time. Please come transform my office to look like this :)

  4. Wow, your studio is amazing! I can't wait until I can get started on one for me <3

  5. Your work space inspires me...I need to redo mine. Where do you get all your organizational stuff?

  6. Ummm, you are SO organized. My studio looks similar to that expect that there is stuff everywhere! I need to get my butt in gear and organzie. I always think/create better when my space is tidy :)

  7. wow your studio looks so gorgeous and very creative! I like it, a lot! =]

  8. It looks SO cute, organized and inspired. Makes me really really want to fix up my own space!


  9. love your room and love elise!

  10. First- I love your space. LOVE. I want it. ALL.
    Second- I love that you highlighted Elise. Makes me so so happy to see QBM friends lovin' on each other. ;)
    xoxo, Mique

  11. I am being coerced into building a desk, shelves and storage for my girlfriend so she can have a studio worthy of the scrapbooking business she's trying to grow.

    This post, this studio, is now my motivation. Just glancing around has given me a dozen and three different ideas.

    I'm going to direct her over here. I have a feeling she's going to LOVE your blog!

    My Own Private Idaho

  12. your studio is so nice and clean and bright! I yearn for the day I no longer live in a one bedroom apartment!