Monday = Pretty & Pictures

Todays' Pretty

The owner of this dreamy dress shop Leah has got that romantic vintage vibe down!
With exquisitely sweet and delicate wears she makes me want to start planning a new wedding,
just so I can purchase one of these beautiful designs..
I think my husband will think I'm crazy since its only been 2yrs since our own date!
Her shop is totally swoon worthy, be prepared to drool!
Oh and if you can't get a dress, grab a pillow (they are equally amazing),
lay your head and dream about the dresses!

Todays' Pictures

Shooting in film and with vintage cameras out of her collection, this photographer has found a beautiful balance between bright yet grainy, soft and vintage, unique and desired.
When I look at her photos not only do I want to immediately purchase them to hang on my walls,
but each photo makes me want to find the places they were taken and just hang out there.
Its feel good photography, promise!


  1. I heart pretty vintage wedding dresses. I bet this post is going to get lots of "pinning" attention :)

    Delighted Momma

  2. Oh my gosh. All of these are BEAUTIFUL! I can't even believe... !!

  3. I met abby this weekend. She's is such a sweet heart. I got a bunch of prints. Can't wait to hang them up. her work is sooo dreamy.