i'm opening a shop!

Sorry for my blogging absence, things have been a bit busy lately.. but for good reason.  If you have followed me for a while you know my story before Aspen Summit was that of a salon/boutique owner, it was something I loved very much, but moved on from and have missed the 'shop owner' side of things ever since.

When I first moved to Portland, I had dreams of opening a little shop in a quaint neighborhood and I've looked here and there for places, but thought maybe it just wasn't in the cards.  Fast forward to about two weeks ago when I found a little building for rent and texted my friend Casey who had mentioned wanting to open a second location for her own shop.  I emailed the owner of the building that Saturday to view it Monday and she said it probably would be gone already- so we didn't think much of it for the rest of the weekend.  Come Monday, I get an email that said she could show us the place that afternoon and by the end of the appointment we had a deal the next morning to sign the lease and pick up the keys!

follow along on our instagram ^ to see sneak peeks of our progress!

So we are doing it!  It will be called work/shop its a botanical gift boutique & collective work space.  Imagine part retail -lots of plants, bath & body, gifts, stationery, etc.- and part workshop space for classes we will teach -weaving, block printing, candle making, etc.- along with selling our own items we have teamed up with some amazing makers, some who don't sell in Portland yet and we can't wait to share them with this city!

We are opening on Friday November 13th (you heard that right, super soon!!), which also happens to be my birthday- so if you live here or will be visiting soon, we'd love to have you stop in. xx

portland flower market

Flowerrrrrssss!!! Thats my thought every time I walk into the wholesale floral market here in Portland.  I remember the day I found out that I was eligible for a wholesale buyers pass (even though I'm not a florist) and thinking I finally made it.  Like I was given the secret knock or password to a cool kids club.

carefully curated vol.5

As the end of summer fast approaches I'm dreaming of dark moody vibes, transitioning my wardrobe and nesting it up like a mad woman!  I recently rearranged our living room and told Brandon where I wanted to put our Christmas tree this year, I guess I'm a little eager for fall & winter.  
This edition of Carefully Curated is dedicated to sunny days, cool evenings, seasons changing, the craving of being home more and dreams of slowing down.

prop swap + pop up

One thing I love about being a maker is the community that surrounds it.  Meeting and collaborating with others that have a similar passion is one of the greatest rewards- well I guess besides making things, selling them and being my own boss haha.. but you get the idea!  This weekend I participated in a pop-up market at Elder Hall, hosted by Ashley- Local Haven and Adriana- Xochitl Adriana.  Its was a small gathering of makers and collectors offering wares for sale and trade.  The space was so beautiful and inspiring- I can't wait to go back!