things i love tuesday

This etsy shop: Botanical Market

The packaging is A+ insanely sweet and simple..
 this is the kind of product I would buy strictly based on its packaging alone!
 The smells, the feel of the product, everything else. I'm sure that's just a bonus.

This indie designer: reddoll by Tatyana Merenyuk
(photography by Billy Rood)

I know I can be a little partial to ruffles (*wink, wink*) but can you blame me?
The photography and the dresses went on a date,
had their first kiss.. took it a little further.
and this is their love child, swoon!

This song: Mumford and Sons

Every ones "it" band right now, and rightfully so.
p.s do they all have mustaches?? =)

This website: damn you auto correct

you might ask yourself how I can go from all those lovely finds to something like this?
well it makes me giggle. 
if you are ever in a down in the dumps mood,
 I dare you to go here and try not to crack a smile or even laugh til you pee your pants!!


  1. I'm so glad you introduced me to that website! It never lets me down when I need a good laugh!

  2. Not to mention I could probably have my own section at that website! I hate my autocorrect, lol! :)