making pretty

My mouse makes art, what about yours?

what is this you ask?
Well this is what I did with my mouse over the course of 3.9hrs on the Internet
yeah 3.9hrs.. whatever it's my day off, ok people!

Basically this nifty little doo dah tracks your mouse movements and turns in into
a little piece of art for you.

I would like to say I did this while eating, watching Grey's on Netflix, packaging products,
texting, eating some more, emailing some new bloggy friends I made
 and opening up some new etsy goodies!

And I still managed to make this bad-assery!

Want to make one for yourself, eh?
Go here, and do the damn thang!


  1. Hey! Just discovered you via The Shine Project! <3 your blog and your store! :)

  2. Funny girl. Checked out your pics! You got talent. Totally thought you were the girl in the photos for your etsy shop for the last few days, then I finally went to the "about" section. I'm a dork.

    LOVE your headbands. I know you said they should stay in my Asian straight slippery hair. I really want one...

  3. How AWESOME!

    & Your blog is adorable! I just found you from Danielle's blog! Yippee! I am a new follower & can't wait to read more....

  4. what?! this is amazing!! i'm going to go do the damn thang now! :) i also just discovered your beautiful blog {and shop} from the shine project. i'm so glad i did!

  5. Bahahaha! You make me laugh...and are a multitasking queen :) You had a busy day off!

  6. I've seen this somewhere! It's so neat and crazy how our mouse just goes everywhere! I love your blog by the way!

  7. Love that! But then, I am kind of geeky ;)