whoa first sexy lady

I was busy at the salon all day with hair clients, and thought I would take the day off from blogging. 
But I then started thinking about how I could honor Presidents Day..
how boring right?

I started to google George Washington (barf)
then I moved on to Abe Lincoln (thumbs up for the beard)
geez these people were frumpyyyyyy

So I moved on, to the ladies.
The only cool thing they had going for them was all the cool clothes

Until I found this lovely little story

First can I say that this poor lady looks like her husbands ugly twin?
Sorry I just had to get this out there.. and while I'm being honest and since you probably think the same way as me, no wonder they wore all those clothes.. its not like they got much action looking that way, right? ;p

Well living in 2011 and a society that bases a lot of judgement on looks (sad but true)
I found it so funny that of course they would do something like this eventually

So maybe Martha was a babe after all??
p.s she was also a business woman, just like us!
seriously go read the article its kinda cool

Happy Presidents Day!


  1. o-em-gee it's lady George... oo wait like Boy George hehe get it!


  2. Very interesting! I heard them mention that article on "The Talk" yesterday...cool post and lovely blog!

    Liesl :)