instagram says so

According to instagram I've kept myself busy exploring the city (typical), enjoying good coffee, buying pretty plants, shop visits, meeting new friends and enjoying the days with old ones.   I've been trying so hard to re-open my shop, but as you can see I'm easily distracted whenever I leave the house!

Here are a few of the stories to go along with the photos:

top left photo- In case you missed it, I shared a shop visit with Artemisia here in Portland.  Its a beautiful retail plant shop and workshop space that I've been a fan of since moving here. 

top center photo- I freelance for a couple of local shops here (running their social media and offering marketing strategy advice), I recently picked up a new client, Menagerie, and have been so excited to have a new excuse to visit their shop more often. 

bottom right photo- Renegade Craft Fair was in town last weekend and of course Portland decided to have some random ass weather.  For last years event it was probably the hottest weekend we had had all summer, this year it rained!  We didn't care, we are oregonians after all.  The market was full of amazing talent and goods and I wandered around every booth with my best gal Andrea and her tiny human Ruby, who is way cooler than us! 

As the summer winds down I'm looking forward to cooler days, new to me places (& visiting old favorites) and of course taking pretty photos of it all- if you aren't already, follow me on instagram, I'd love to have you!


  1. I'm so jealous of the craft fair! I need one of those nearby me.

    1. what area are you in? renegade visits quite a few major cities! thankfully besides them, there are so many random pop-up markets here and there, i usually find most of them through instagram!