recharge yourself

Falling into a hectic daily grind can be exhausting, I swear I get a new case of the blah's every other day, but finding ways to recharge can help you get out of any rut.   When the every day routine can start to feel not so fun, it's sometimes easier to continue doing it rather than finding a way to reset.  With work deadlines, home life, trying to make everyone else happy- its easy to forget you, but you shouldn't.  These are some helpful tips to ease those blah days away, feeling recharged and ready to go again!

get up or get out.
keeping your body and mind active is a great way to feel refreshed.  whether that means exercise, running errands, cleaning your home, meeting up with a friend for coffee or going for a drive.  anything that gets you away from what you do day in and day out.  for me,  getting out for a walk around our neighborhood in the morning or going for a long drive into the city at night, are great ways to unwind and truly focus on my thoughts instead of having them in the back of my mind while working. getting away from your duties is sometimes the best way to do them better.

distractions are everywhere nowadays.  seriously, what did anyone ever do before texting, emailing and scrolling were a part of their life at all moments of the day?  have you ever been in a waiting room or a check out line and looked around you and noticed that almost every one was on their phones?  thats a great time to put yours away.  stop being distracted by what everyone else is doing and try to focus on yourself.  allotting a set time for social media/emails/etc instead of making it an extension of yourself is so much healthier and allows to truly be present in your own life instead of giving away all that energy to others.

sometimes you just need to get out of your own head, writing is a great escape.  if that means making lists, scheduling out your week, starting a journal or just sending a letter to someone.  grab that trusty old pen and paper and get to work.  i'm a habitual list maker and love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with crossing something off that list, theres just something so rewarding about writing it down that provides a quick recharge for me especially since i'm usually in front of a computer, my phone (for my social media freelance jobs) or in my studio making things.  a good list is good for the soul!

ya heard me! now, i don't meant hitting the bottle hard, but usually when you are drinking something you are taking a small break- a moment for you.  so go out for drinks with the girls, meet up with a friend for coffee, grab your significant other & take a stroll around the neighborhood with cold sodas- or do something as simple as grabbing a glass of ice water, and actually enjoying it.  this goes back to disconnecting (above), take the time to sip and relax.  if that means five minutes to yourself, that break is better than no break at all.

tidy up.
if your surroundings are messy its probably a given that your mind is too.  keep your immediate work area clean and tidy if possible or use your break time to get up and organize.  when i'm down in my studio (its on the lower level of our home) it really bugs me if our upstairs living area is messy- if that means quickly making the bed or doing some dishes, knowing those things are done and not waiting for me after i'm finished working are a huge help!  if you work away from home try to keep your workspace clean and i promise you will feel so much better.

spoil yourself.
this can be of monetary value if thats your thing, but however you like to treat yo' self, do that.  small rewards are a great way to recharge because you earned it!  go get that manicure, or do them yourself.  buy a new dress or just window shop. whatever floats your boat and means 'spoiling' to you, have at it.  i love at home beauty days- a treatment in my hair, manicure drying, something sweet to snack on and a cheesy hallmark type of movie playing.  now thats what i call pure bliss!

this one sounds easy and is sometimes the hardest for people to do.  if you're feeling run down, take it easy.  go to bed earlier, sleep in if you can, take a personal day, read and chill, netflix it up- whatever equals rest to you.  taking care of yourself should always be a top priority, even if that means canceling plans and tuning out everything and everyone else, it all equals a better you.

Guess what?  You can't do it all and thats okay so give yourself a break by stepping out of your normal routine to recharge- pretty soon you won't even remember that rut you were in!  What ways do you like to recharge?

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