shop local: artemisia

If you follow me on instagram you might notice that I tend to explore around this city, a lot.  Theres just something about finding little shops, tasting all the food, sitting and just taking in this place that does it for me.  Most days I try to find time to visit at least one local joint (even if that means just sitting in a coffee shop) while out and about running errands, or between freelance jobs.  Its just something that I've made a part of my life here, almost like a hobby.  Meeting shop owners, perusing the goods and people watching are just my jam.

I've thought for a while about bringing on a feature here sharing all of the places I visit, my version of a shop local guide to portland.  I just always lose touch with this blog when life gets busy, but I think I've finally found some balance and can't wait to get back into the swing of things.  

Today I'm sharing a shop visit with Artemisia located in the Buckman-East neighborhood and offering an overflowing amount of pretty.  With a part retail - part workshop experience, its hard to leave empty handed and even harder to not pull out your phone and take a million photos. 

Next time you are in the neighborhood check out this beautiful space (say hi to their white dove!) and sign up for a workshop or even hold your own with a group of friends.. if you aren't local you can follow Artemisia on instagram and I'll promise all of your plant loving needs will be met!

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