the shop is open

After taking a much needed year off from everything, I finally launched my newest venture- Aspen Summit.  I didn't set an actual deadline to get this open, but I did include it in my 33 wishes last year, so opening before my birthday (nov.13) was something I always planned.

My intentions with the shop changed often, almost monthly.  Originally I was going to open a shop with a pacific northwest vibe that included outdoor supplies, locally made goods, bags, beanies, artwork (and those are still things I'm considering adding in).  However, my love for vintage and paper goods is always something I feel passionate about so it was an easy choice to add those things in.  I also wanted to team up with other artists to offer their wares in my shop, helping spread the word about their business while also allowing me time to create and explore (2 things I love doing!). 

I wanted to make sure that any mistakes I made with my last shops weren't repeated.  The main problem I had before was being overwhelmed too often.  Having other artists items in the shop means  I free up my time to create other products, host workshops and maintain a life outside of entrepreneurship.  It also creates ready to ship products, which was another mistake I think I made, taking on too many orders just grew my to-do list because I had to keep up with production while trying to create new things- again, creating that overwhelming feeling. 

I'm really excited about the shop and although I have a bunch of things I still need to list, I'm happy to do it on my own terms- on my own timeline.  There is no one I feel the need to compete with, no race to get my stuff out there, no worries about how it will be received.  

Comparison is the thief of joy. -Theordore Roosevelt

The handcrafted market has changed just a bit since I started this journey years ago and I love the direction its going.  I've briefly talked about how I didn't feel passionate about my other businesses and now I finally feel like I found my way.  I hope you take a moment to check out the shop (there's even a coupon if you sign up for the newsletter) and let me know what you think! xx