that break.

Ever since launching the shop, it seems as if life has been non-stop.  With the newness of doing business again, pop-up shops, gaining retailers, the holidays, the after the holidays, life, coffee breaks and everything in between- I guess I lost touch with this space.

The break though, it was good.  And maybe a bit needed because I think I forgot what I was doing here, what this platform served for me and if there was any worth or matter to it.  Even though life has been a bit of a roller coaster as of late, this place stays on my mind and a little refocus was exactly what I needed.  

I don't want to continue doing what I was before, mainly because I was always reaching for content instead of just following my heart.  This new path will be about sharing the places I explore around my city (Portland), the makers I meet, the stories I get to hear, my not so glamorous work life (I'm covered in dust or soy wax 90% of the time).. thats what I want for this space.  

I hope to have more of this stuff pop up here in the next month and can't wait to share it.  What I do and see everyday might not be important to anyone else, but if you stick around I sure would love to have you here. xx