this & that // 03

Here's to another round of this & that, where I match up similar and sometimes identical photos that I've stumbled upon from instagram.  I started this back in August (view posts here) and haven't been as consistent with sharing, even though I actually come across these types of photos quite often.  My friend Liz even started a series since she noticed the similarities too, so I knew I wasn't the only one!  I mentioned before that these types of photos are usually unintentional and I still feel that its a true testament, that we can see things the same way as others and it not have to mean that we copied it from someone else.  It actually happened to me last week when I posted a photo of a snack I had (below) and one of my followers mentioned it looked like a photo someone else had posted a week earlier.  It was by total chance it worked out that way and in no way on purpose.  To be honest, if I had seen her photo I would have intentionally tried to make mine look different.  Just goes to show how connected we can be through a phone app huh?

I think I want to make this post appear on here a bit more often than not, so I will try to be better about gathering these photos, in fact I saved a few already for the next post.  In the mean time, I'll be over on instagram =)

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