friends & fonts

A few months back Rebecca from Manzanita mentioned she was going to be visiting up this way and I was so excited knowing we would be able to finally meet.  We have been chatting for a few years now and it started through a mutual friend when we both had accessory businesses.  We have always tried to collaborate somehow, we follow each other on instagram & keep in touch when possible, but meeting in real life with her in Colorado and me here in Oregon just didn't seem possible.

As the weeks grew closer to her visit she threw out the idea of hosting a calligraphy workshop locally and wondered if I could help arrange a few of the details.  It all worked out perfectly and we found an affordable location (during the start of the very busy wedding season), all the supplies arrived here on time and people signed up without a hitch.  The workshop took place a few nights ago, here are just a few iphone photos from it- I would have taken some on my camera, but I was making a mess with the ink while shoving my face with cupcakes & meeting a new friends!

I got to freshen up my calligraphy skills (I studied it in school like 13yrs ago), but meeting and instantly connecting to someone was by far the best part!  I am always amazed and so thankful of the relationships we are able to build and nourish through blogging, instagram & other social media platforms.  When sometimes there can be dark negativity and craziness on the internet, this is one of those times when there is light.

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