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My last weekend links was invaded by snow storms and winter craziness, but this year has already gone by far too fast and I'm strangely looking forward to spring.  I like to think of myself as an autumn girl- give me all of the rain, gloom and clouds, throw in comfort food, cuddles and cozy clothes and I'm a happy camper.  However, spring has slowly started to show its face around these parts with little teases of nice sunny days and to my own surprise I'm not complaining.  It has me craving fresh flowers, farmers markets and outside adventures!  With the season approaching it brings in plans and change- I will be opening my new shop Aspen Summit next month and I'm also taking on a 3 day a week job at a local stationary shop to get me out of the house and surround myself with things I love. The season also shuffles in opportunities to plan and attend events here in Portland with other creative women.  The textile stamping class I hosted at West Elm in January was just the beginning of workshops I hope to bring to the pacific northwest...  so far spring is looking to be really great!

a room a little more interesting with this wall project
mini clay pot magnets (perfect for air plants)
your boring pencils just a bit more fun
your own lipbalm in repurposed containers

this amazing custom made wallpaper
kinseys coffee diaries
an honest shirt that gets my vote
the way we can change looking at women by stock photography

give $5, its for a good cause!
print these beautiful kraft tags
get to printing this freebie out too!
check out the new ikea ps2014 collection

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