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The past few days around here have been very mellow ones.  Last weekend and earlier this week I was feeling a little weird and it sort of scared me, I got in to the doctor Tuesday and had an ekg done where they discovered a little heart palpitation.  I had to get a bunch of blood tests done and I go back this coming Tuesday for a checkup and to talk to my doctor about a few other things- mainly anxiety, weight and my baby maker (as in more infertility stuff).  On that note, I took full advantage of trying to stay stress free- with the weather at all time lows here, I didn't mind staying in more than I got out!

this tree.
a birch log candle holder
your clipboards more fun!
an army cot, perfect for lounging

what its like to live on postcard row
treasures & travels new youtube channel
this sweet little nursery!
why we are made in america

please, please, please read this post.
check out this ultimate candle diy guide
print out these cute gift tags
listen to this playlist

5 favorite blogs this week:
of trees and hues
women love tech
making nice in the midwest
fellow fellow
the dainty squid

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