and we drove

I'm finally getting around to sharing my birthday road trip here.  Although I tried to take as many photos as possible, I really wanted to be able to enjoy myself too.  I had told my husband that I wanted this trip to be my birthday present- just hitting the road for a few days here in the pnw with no exact destination in mind.  I mentioned to him that I wanted to take as many photos as possible and even try shooting a video with my new camera, but really when the time came, I wanted to take it all in.  Because I only get to see Brandon six months a year and since this was the first time he was able to celebrate on my actual birthday with me, I wanted to take full advantage of this special time out we took.

We headed south for a few days and left our pups on my parents farm then came back up and stayed the night at our house before hitting the road.  That morning we went out i-84 east along the Columbia River and hit up a few spots like the Bonneville Dam and all the little towns along the way until we crossed over into Washington.  We grabbed lunch and ate up at the Stonehenge replica memorial, passed through all the creepy wind turbines, visited a creepy abandoned cabin and ended up in Wenatchee for the night.

The next morning we visited Leavenworth, an adorable Bavarian Village and made our way back west towards Seattle.  The drive through the mountains was amazing and we were able to see a bit of snow, but our timing was perfect because we drove through a day before a big storm hit.  We went over towards Whidbey Island then changed our minds and kept driving south to Gig Harbor for the night. 

Another day passed and we found our way driving down the Oregon Coast, which is one of our favorite places to me.  We had our first date and kiss at the coast 10yrs ago and no matter how many times we visit seeing the ocean never gets old.  After visiting our favorite places we decided it was time to head back towards my parents where we stayed a few more days before heading home and closing the chapter on our road trip.  Ringing in my thirty-third on the road with my favorite person by my side was exactly what I wished for.

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