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Self-employed.  Stay-at-Home.  Freelancer.  Whatever you call it, working from home can have many titles and is a hell of a lot of work.  Between juggling a personal life (if you have one outside of this crazy life we have chosen ) & business, the work is cut out for us and I know I can't be the only one that loves hearing the stories of how others find balance or if they ever do.  I invited some friends that I admire to share just a small part of their story for this ongoing weekly series.  Enjoy!

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Initially working from home was something I thought would be cake, nothing could be more smooth than making my own schedule and planning my day accordingly to that but now that I've been doing it for a solid 6 months I've learned a few lessons. First off, I wrote a post here about how family and friends seem to think I'm always free; that's been one of my main struggles. It's been a process learning I need to be in my office when I have "office hours" to keep consistency with my day and I've also learned it's hard to have discipline and motivation every day. I've taken the time to mold my schedule into something leisurely but structured enough so I'm successful. 

My main suggestions are:
  • never work from your bed
  • have office hours and a set time you "leave" work
  • don't be readily available (such a hard thing for me, but you can email them back the following day during office hours!)
  • shower and get dressed for your day as you would at any other work place
Those are a few things that keep me in check working from home because it's built around a solid work environment and it keeps me sane but still flexible when life happens and I need a day off or some time to have lunch with a friend. The pros always out weigh the cons but it's a learning process you'll constantly be navigating.

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