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Recently I've been taking a few recipe adventures in the kitchen and have found myself wanting to make and sadly eat, a slew of amazing concoctions.  I think the end of the year always calls for good eats, but in my attempt to not pack on the winter weight- I'm going for healthier or classic versions of my favorite treats. As of late visual encouragement (aka inspiration) has been food photography, good quotes and beautiful decor. I think the photo below captures everything I'm loving right now!  That quote is soooo good, right??

sweet & simple terracotta votives
a pumpkin family
this statement leather strap shelf
almost vegan pumpkin muffins
gold upcycled tin cans

we can't stop a capella version - ugh. really, i can't stop listening.
the official  american express blog
this cute modern day snail mail idea
all these beautiful recipes
this seriously cute kid video!

read about inspiration vs imitation
have pretty hair with the help of these 20 style ideas
see the domino relaunch
check out camp workshops
create better tutorials

5 favorite blogs this week:
sweet thing
art social
urban walls
cottonwood road

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