If you follow me on instagram (@justlove_ly) you know I've been completely emerged in fall up here in the Pacific Northwest.  The weather change brings cozy clothes, raining days and lots of yummy recipes to try- like this apple crumble I made last week! I try to enjoy this season as much as possible because it tends to go by so quickly.  I'm not ready for 2014 so everyday I try to hold on to the hours just a bit more and capture everything that makes my heart happy.

Brandon has been in Peru since late September and he gets to come home tomorrow for his 2 week work break.  We randomly found a farm for sale about an hour north of Portland that we are checking out this weekend. What...?! Sometimes the ideas we come up with are so crazy and far fetched, but its fun to dream.  Other than that its chill days and trying to stay warm.  xo

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