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I usually leave you with a make/see/do collage here to send you off for weekend links, but I can't get this fill my heart to the top want a pillow fight in the middle of the forest video out of my mind.  So here is something to keep your weekend light and cheerful.  Hope its a good one.

some yummy gluten free donuts!
this super lovely gold disc sign
the cutest upcycled market bag

this article... is it just me or is it silly that anything other than a 9-5 isn't considered a 'real job'?
an adorable shop for the kiddos!
a unique & eclectically cute wedding
beautiful moab photos.. its still on my list of places to visit!

snag these cute iphone wallpapers
sign-up for this diy subscription!
learn some tips & tricks to get the most out of your beauty products
make a fall to-do list, like this one.

Instead of listing my 5 favorite blogs of the week here, I wanted to take a moment and use this spot in the post to just share something so heavy on my heart.  I think a large portion of you know Diana and if you don't I promise you are missing out.  She is intelligent, beautiful, kind & has a hello kitty hot pink kitchen. How can you not love that?  Her personal road to pregnancy was something she worked very hard on and while not rushing her little one out she eagerly awaiting his arrival.  As someone who struggles with fertility it was so exciting to watch her prepare for the baby and sadly he was taken away from her during the birth.  I can't stop thinking about it and would love to ask you to send prayers, thoughts, good juju- whatever it is you do, to her and her husband Scott. xo

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