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I don't know if its just me, but August has flown by and with that comes many things being checked off my monthly to-do list.  Most notably Dana and I decided to close down our shop Fawn & Flora and although sad, it feels like a huge stress has been lifted off my shoulders- we were both just too busy to put any extra effort into running it.  With summer wrapping up my family had a weekend getaway to celebrate my pops birthday and my brother visiting (he's a pilot instructor for the air force and is currently in okc).  Other than those two major plans for August I've been enjoying the end of summer and looking forward to my all time favorite- FALL!  Its when I'm the most happiest.  I love the clothes, food, weather, smells, projects.. etc. So bring it on... please!

this quick tote bag
honey lavender bread - clean eating recipe
water color stationary
painted mason jars
a gold leafed wooden bowl

this super cute kitchen collection
the scout mob shoppe, is your city represented?
a pretty rad diy bed project
the great $1 print sale!
all the amazing deals going on at style lately

follow six-daily-rules for a creative life
read about starting a blog
check out this article about copycats (great for small biz)
some first time home buying advice, in words you can understand!

5 favorite blogs this week:
lindsay letters
hola irela
top with cinnamon
honey kennedy
the secret life of bee

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How has your August been? xo

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