carefully curated vol.1

Not too long ago I decided that I was using Pinterest in a way that really wasn't useful to me.  I was putting so much pressure on myself when I pinned because I thought I should be making all the projects, cooking all the meals and decorating all the rooms.  However, thats just not realistic for my life or personality.  I'm a collector of images- I truly love to look at inspiration and from there I can decide how I interpret and use it in my own life (and work).

I went through and cleaned up all of my boards and turned my pinning time into a thoughtful activity, arranged by a color palette where each photo pinned somehow goes with the photo next to it.  In being a little more honest with myself I gave my old pinning habits the finger and I couldn't be happier!  Now when I see my boards, everything makes sense.  I choose items I truly love and everything is much more authentic.  I no longer sell pins to sponsors because I started to feel like I was selling myself out.  Don't get me wrong, if you include Pinterest as a marketing tool for your sponsors there are no judgements here, its just not for me!

No longer gathering anything & everything I find all day long actually takes a bit longer as things are carefully sourced and selected, but I love how its all looking and am proud of the new direction I decided to go.   I also wanted to be able to remember some of the finds that really stuck out to me  more than just adding them to a board, so this new feature Carefully Curated will share just a few things I'm loving via my pinterest account.  I hope you enjoy my finds and follow along!

How do you pin?

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