project drive-in

The first movie I ever saw at a Drive-In was E.T.  I can remember laying in the back of my Aunts car with my plastic E.T doll listening to the sound coming through the radio mounted to the window, eating red vines and thinking it was the neatest thing I had ever done.  Considering it was summer and we had to wait until it was dark and obviously pass my bedtime, it probably was.  In high school its where I had my first date with a kid named Kale and my first sip of beer my friends older sister snuck in.  I'll always remember the times when our family would go together, loaded up in the back of my dads 1964 to watch a double feature and my dad could never make it through 2 movies in a row- so we would listen to his snores mixed in with all the fun we were having.  I hope someday when we have a family that our kids will know what a drive-in is like or at the very least, I hope they don't go away anytime soon.  Thats where Project Drive-in comes in!

We are lucky enough to still have a drive-in close by thats open on the weekends, but without some help it might not be here much longer.  The two where I got to make my memories (in California & Southern Oregon), both have sadly shut down.  In fact there are less than 400 of them still open  in the entire world. Which means they need your help, so please vote!  If you don't have a location near you, that's okay, they all need help!  #savethedrivein

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