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For the most part it was a pretty chill week over here.  Brandon went back to the jungle on Tuesday (he's gone until July 18th) and this time when I dropped him off, I ugly cried at 4am at the airport.  I was full blown Kim Kardashian face over here.  After I went back home and settled down, I met up with Chelsea for a little dinner date & to discuss some of our business goals and the next day we went downtown to scope out some studio space to share.  We both want to take our work spaces away from home into more inspiring digs to separate work from home a little more aka I want to stop working from the comfort of my pajamas and hulu.    The 4th I actually decided to take the day for myself and stay in and I'm so glad I did, granted I heard fireworks going off through the night, I ended up making it a beauty day (nails, face mask, hair treatment) and enjoyed every moment.  Here are some of my favorites to keep your long weekend going!

your own printed fabric
a healthier version of cookie dough bites- yes please!
a spark! these cards are a set of prompts to spark creativity in your life
homemade almond milk, if you're 9 yrs old like me you will giggle at 'nut milk bag.
a messy fishtail updo, this is so perfect for summer time!

these laser cut wood state magnets- i really want to collect them all!
my current etsy crush
all the amazing-ness over at scout mob- artisans and local explorations
what i'm loving lately, by following along on pinterest
this print- totally the cutest right?

be jealous of cute hand lettered packages like these
check out this self-paced blogging ecourse
more stuff this summer! here are some ideas..
check out poppy parcel subscription boxes
follow me on instagram, its sure to be a fun summer full of adventures!

5 favorite blogs this week:
for me, for you
a house in the hills
mini penny
house of brinson

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