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Dwell: to live as a resident, reside.  to exist in a given place or state.

Hi there! I'm Stephanie and I blog over at NewlyMynted.  A big portion of what you'll find on my blog is me styling my home. I recently moved into an apartment in a small town in North Carolina, after packing up only what I could fit in a trailer, and departing Colorado. This was a life changing event for me and I have so much fun sharing this blessed journey I'm on. 
This new apartment, and the bare essentials I own, basically gives me a blank slate to do as I please. It isn't much, but I started with this small nook to make an area in my home that was truly me. This spot in my home reflects the kind of colorful, eclectic person I am, it displays my favorite things, my hopes and dreams, and it is full of sweet memories!

I love that I can display my favorite prints front and center. I'm a mother of three, and adore this one that's up right now. In some way, shape, or form my role as a mom or photos of my kids will be displayed right up front.
Nearly everything displayed here was either free or came from a thrift store. This vintage dresser is actually an old Gimbel Brothers dresser that was put out by the dumpster at my apartment complex. The potential it has makes me beam with delight, so I rescued this gem in no time flat!
I picked this up at the Goodwill right after I moved to this new little town. It's perfect for me. I love vintage things and I love to write. I long dream of one day becoming a published author. 
I re-purposed this wine bottle by using it for a vase. It's full of wonderful memories that I longed to hold dear in my heart. I needed to keep it. This bottle is from a date my honey and I had when we had no babysitter, only each other, this bottle of wine and a platter of cheesecake. If I could find a way to bottle his laugh in there, I would!

Tarnished silver and bright pink flowers become my hearts delight. I smile ear to ear just looking at these precious photos. White walls are no hindrance to me. It gives me a great excuse to splash color all over my house.  I'm Still working on my photography skills, but it's a dream and I dare to do it! Thank you so much, Heather, for having me on your blog and allowing me to share my little bliss. Thank you, Lovely readers, for delighting in my blissful nook with me.

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Camera print: Design Editor // Mom Poster: MoodKids //Ashland bouquet: Michaels  // Wallpaper Projects Book: 50 Craft and Design Ideas for Your Home // Lamp: Home Depot // Frame: painted La Fonda Mirage  // Wine bottle: Mod Podge & Glitter // Mason jar: painted Looking Glass Mirror // Thrifted: large frame, teacups, Instamatic, candlestick, goblet, tray, & typewriter

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