march was new

I don't know about you, but March flew by insanely fast over here.  It was the first full month being in Portland and now that April has made its appearance, I'm realizing that I am no where near settled.  When you go and sell all of your belongings (except my studio stuff!) and start completely over, it can become the biggest weight on and off your shoulders.

(photo via my instagram)

To feel free of belongings and now make only intentional purchases is amazing, everything I choose to bring in to our new home has more purpose.  I think everything through now before I commit to it.  In part I do this because I know how secure we felt when being able to save money this winter that I dont want to blow it and I also am aware of how much crap we accumulated over the years.

The new stress now is more of little inconveniences like not having a couch for 4wks and basically living out of our bedroom.  Not feeling settled enough to make meals in our own home, no vacuum or mop. You know, little things.  But as we fill our home with the things we need, it becomes just that- a home again.

March was a time when:
- we tried new restaurants
- read books in bed
- listened to sam cooke while unpacking 
- enjoyed the beginning of spring

I think April is looking pretty good around here and I can't wait to share the progress we have made! xo


  1. I would LOVE to purge and get rid of some of our stuff, especially our kitchen stuff. I'd love to start over with a nice quality pot and pan set and new utensils. We also need a new couch and an entertainment unit for the electronics, and new good quality tables for the living room. We have cheap crappy looking IKEA stuff that made of laminated particle board. I want furniture made of REAL wood.

    Hah! I guess in a way I envy you for being able to start over, but I have been in your shoes before. When I moved in with my boyfriend his roommates who were the official tenants of the apartment moved out and the place was filled with all of their stuff so we suddenly had an empty apartment that needed furniture STAT. We got lucky and got some couches for free and collected stuff over time. But yeah, I would love to buy new pieces that coordinate with each other and make our space more homely and inviting.

  2. New is fun and exciting, I following you on instagram and it looks like you are finding a lot to explore! xkatex

  3. We are moving in June and I am seriously thinking of getting rid of 50% of what we have. I don't love it and don't want to move it. I look around and wonder "where did all this stuff come from?" We are having a yard sale this Friday...wish me luck:)