treasure finds

Last year I loved participating in Thrifting Thursday posts and there were others doing it too (some with link ups) which made for a motivation to find new things.  However, I dont want to limit my Thursdays to just thrifting finds and instead I want to show off treasures.  From local boutiques, thrift shops, estate sales, road trips- anything.  I will share them here with you, along with where I found them.

They are all treasures and every Thursday they will find a home here.

at noun (portland, oregon)

at zupans market (portland, oregon)

at big Y swap meet (grants pass, oregon)

on closing day of the downtown bookstore (grants pass, oregon)

Please feel free to leave a link with any treasures you have found lately, I would love to visit!


  1. Oooh! Such lovely finds :)

  2. Love your blog! Yours Truly sent me your way!

  3. Love your finds. Im def going to start doing this :)

  4. super cute finds!
    I especially love the butterflies and the books!!
    maybe I should start thrifting?!.

    Redheaded Daybook

  5. those are great butterflies! and the books are always great.

    i'm a new follower.

  6. Stopping by from Olive & Ivy! You've got some awesome treasure finds, the framed butterflies are absolutely beautiful! I'm a big time thrifter myself :)

    <3 danielle

  7. Awesome finds! I love the butterflies :)
    New follower and Stopping by from Olive & Ivy!