you should know: the oxford trunk

This year I wanted to share more then just 'sponsored posts' (of course I will still do those, but this is different!) instead I have made a new goal to authentically and intentionally share businesses and artists that I respect and lets face it, totally swoon over.

Today I wanted to share with you the ladies of The Oxford Trunk: what they are about, have accomplished and of course their links so you can go find out a little more about them yourselves.  If you are one to skim the sponsor posts, please know this isn't one!

Young. Broke. Fab. That is the mantra and foundation at The Oxford Trunk. Where they specialize in the most current trends in the fashion world and bring them straight to you for less than $50. Their blog is full of inspiration and styling tips. Let's meet the girls behind the scenes!

By Jen Davies- Co-owner

I would love to know a little more about you and what else keeps you busy besides Ox?

I have two young children, Barron (2) and Aniston (10 months) who keep me very busy!  They are the loves of my life and I love spending time  with them and my husband Tim. We love to take the kids out on our Stand Up Paddle-board and are always beach camping along the coast. When I'm not with my kids or working for Oxford Trunk I really enjoy yoga, dining out with my husband, blogging, and trying out new dishes in my kitchen. I am also a big fan of juicing and am always trying new recipes for juices, cashew milk, or really anything I can throw in my Vitamix! - Jen Davies (co-owner)

How do you stay inspired if you ever fall in a creative rut?

I try to avoid a creative rut by keeping my daily surroundings touched with things that inspire me. If you create an environment that keeps you excited, you don't run the risk of falling into those nasty ruts. From my work space, to my fashion style, I always try to keep things fresh and new so my brain never runs out of creative juice. If I do happen lose my creative way, I like to jump on Pinterest because there is always new fashions and designs to spark that fire. - Jenna Gruttadauria (co-owner & creative director)

What are some plans you have for your business in the future?

We hope there will be lots in store for the future of The Oxford Trunk!  We have been so blown away with the success of this company and hope to continue to grow at a manageable pace.  One of the main reasons we started Oxford Trunk was for the passion we have for women, so in the coming months expect to see more "personal touches" from us Oxford Girls.  We really wish to reach out and connect with our customers via blogging, instagram, and other social media whether it be for fashion tips or sharing recipes! - Jess von Bluecher (founder & CEO)

Above is a peek in to their work space, did you have to wipe the drool from your chin too?

 photo credits: Jacey Autumn Photography 
Find more of the Oxford Trunk here:
 website // twitter // facebook // pinterest // instagram @theoxfordtrunk


  1. I am mad jealous of their work space, how could you not be creative in a space like that?

  2. lindsey burns15 January, 2013

    They are beautiful and look like they have a lot of fun too! I love seeing when shops like this have real girls that represent the company and dont hide behind it, thanks for sharing & for making me go broke haha