wednesday is whack

I've decided to rename Wednesdays usual title of Hump-Day to Slump-Day.  If I had a day to choose as being my least favorite, I guess I would go with today.  I get through my weeks just fine and as Monday rolls around I'm either tired and not ready or I'm super motivated to start up again.  Tuesday kind of plays catch up with whatever rolled over from the Monday to-do list.  However, Wednesday is another story.  Its too far from Monday to still be catching up and no where close to Friday.  I like Saturday, thats a good one.

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Also I'm getting sick and it happens to be Wednesday, so thats my excuse for rambling.

How is your week?


  1. jamie kinley09 January, 2013

    Can I hate mon-fri?? haha

  2. My fav post of the week! Still struggling with new fresh year and hoping positive outcome. However for me January must be a good start. Have a good day x

  3. I am a new follower. Stopping by from Yours Truly!

  4. I think monday is my lease favorite, but wednesday isn't any fun either!

    1. least*, sorry, still drinking coffee, not awake yet!

  5. Haha well this week Wednesday was my Saturday so it was a good day for me. Depends on my schedule.

  6. I'm not a fan of Monday or Wednesday.

  7. I am a new follower Olive and Ivy (Yours Truly) sent me. Hope you have a great week!