mission: small business

Have you heard of Mission: Small Business?  Chase & Living Social have partnered up to present an amazing opportunity for up to 12 small business with one goal in mind- growing business with those big dreams of yours! Each business that applied has just until June 30th to collect 250 votes in order to make it to the next round.. and in all honesty you wouldn't believe how hard collecting these votes actually is!

Today I'm asking if you could help a girl out (me!) and head over and place your vote, the whole process takes less then a minute.  Although you can't vote for me more then once, you can vote for more then once business -which is great!- I went through and voted for practically all the businesses in my own state to help them locally.

  • Its simple if you have a Facebook account, head over to Mission: Small Business
  • Scroll down just a bit & on the right click 'log in & support"
  • Next after you sign in from your facebook- scroll down again & type in:
    just lovely things into the business name section.
Whats amazing is that for every vote received Chase put $5 into the grant fund, with a max of $3million.. and guess what?! They reached their goal, which means 12 business can now receive a grant!  I would just love the chance to even me considered, so if you can vote & spread the word then from the bottom of my heart it would be appreciated.  Thanks friends!


  1. I've voted for you, I hope it all goes well! =D
    Please pay me a visit at Dreams In A Poppy Field...

  2. Done sweets! I also shared it on FB too!

  3. Done! I'll share too. What a great program...thanks for letting us know about it!

  4. I voted for you and posted it on my FB page. Good luck!!

  5. Voted! Good luck! I thought about applying, but honestly, the thought of actually winning, even though it would be a LONG SHOT,scared the heck out of me!

    I truly hope you win!! Truly! xoxo

  6. Voted and shared! Good luck!!