hey hey summer day

What does summer mean to you?  Sundresses, gardening,  lemonade and reading in the shade... boho braids, polished pedicures and farmers markets... windows down, music up, bbq's, yard sales, and late night strolls. Whatever it is, its almost here.  So let's get ready for it, my name is Heather & today I will be your guide!
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waves, buns & braids.. that's all you need.
my hair is barely beyond my shoulders & i can make it work so don't think you have to have long hair to pull of some of these looks! check pinterest, google & you tube for inspiration & tutorials. and don't forget to give your tresses some TLC this summer with conditioning treatments, trims & occasionally heat styling breaks.

natural, pops of color, crazy art or whatever your flavor.. 
perfectly polished is always in (don't forget those toes!) and if you do your nails make sure to link up on mondays! <-- shameless plug.  head to a local beauty school to get a man or pedi on the cheap. Browse the internet for great polish inspiration and feel good about doing something for yourself.  looking good & feeling pretty are a great start to every day!

hydrate, protect & rest
your body needs water, so don't forget to drink up butter cup!  whether you're out all day, drinking the night away or just hanging by the pool- you H2Owe it to yourself! don't forget your skin, hair & eyes- protection is key to youth & longevity so don't forget to pack SPF for your skin & hair along with your glasses or a big ol' hat.  and simma down now.  occasionally we let these busy months get the best of us, don't over due it- rest that beautiful body.. its good for your physical & mental happiness!

yard sales, farmers markets & free concerts
they don't have to cost a dime, get you out of the house & off of the couch!
check your paper or take a stroll to find a sale, sometimes it more fun to browse others junk then to actually buy your own.  go here & look up markets near you & check out craigslist  for events or any local venues info to find when they offer free concerts (our town is tiny & offers free concerts in the park during summer)!

walk & snap, volunteer & shop within your community
visit your own neighborhood (on foot or by bicycle) and bring your camera along.  in now time you will appreciate the small things around you that you might take for granted, but you will have pretty pictures & brush up on those photo skills.  what about volunteering at a community garden, a reading program at the library or even a soup kitchen. its great for the community and even better for your spirit.  while keeping it local don't forget to support your own community first if you can, support small businesses & all their hard work with your shopping or referrals.

pack a picnic, take a hike, camp in your own backyard
choosing a different way to eat can be a fun activity.. pack up a lunch and instead of sitting at your table head to a park near by.  laying out a blanket, enjoying your snacks and just taking in the pretty day will brighten up your mood in a snap!  getting exercise & nutrition?  even if you take the easiest route possible, a good lunch at the end of your hike to a pretty place is a great reward.  don't want to go to far.. set up camp in your own backyard with a smores station and if you feel crazy set up tent too!

using whats in season, taking a class, hosting dinner parties
getting stuck in a food habit rut is no fun for those taste buds, try making new meals based off what produce is in season.  not only will it be cost efficient, but you will be treating yourself to new recipes thus making food prep seem not so tedious.  taking a cooking class is easy, check your local paper for classes offered in your area at restaurants, stores and even colleges - most are free or low cost.  host a dinner party and ask each guest to bring a new dish they just learned how to make, you might discover some great new favorites.. or you can all at least laugh at your attempts!

carpool, share coupons, split the bill
if you have lots of errands to run, see if a friend does too and share a ride.  not only do you get some girlfriend time, but you can split the cost of gas which means more money in each of your pockets.  have time to plan out shopping trips?  then make sure to use coupons (check out my craft coupons here) and share your coupons for maximum savings!  splitting the bill for eating out is pretty normal, what about for food when you want to eat in?  buy in bulk with a friend, split the food and split the bill! how about ask a friend to go in on a local CSA and split that up?

go on a day trip, explore a new place, go one town over
getting out of the house even for the day is still a break in your routine.  find a place that you can get to, visit & be back in time for dinner- the beach, a state park, how about the museum?  want something more adventurous? grab your state map, close your eyes and pick a place- enjoy the ride.  try just heading one town over. breakfast & exploring, lunch & shopping or dinner & a move.. you get the point.

craft days, play dates, alone time
no matter what keeps you from being able to get out, make the best out of being home.  organize a craft day, for you- the kids- friends- family.. make projects for you or your own house you have been meaning to do and enjoy the simplicity of making something with love.  arrange play dates for the kids (fur babies count!).  mingle with other adults and let the little ones go crazy =) just need some alone time? read a book, take a lunch break, plan a pamper night.  just breathe, enjoy your summer and no matter what you do.. do it good!

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  1. This post is brilliant; some great inspiration for summer. I love the hair styles, I can barely tolerate my hair during the summer, so it goes into a bun most days. And you're so right about keeping yourself hydrated, I've already had mild sunstroke this year *sigh*.
    Dreams In A Poppy Field...

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