caffeine please! (plus other non-coffee things)

Last month I participated in a secret blogger gift exchange, where a bunch of bloggers all submit some info on things they like then are hooked up with some others to exchange gifts with. I sent some items off to Jacinta and received some items from Christie.  A couple of the things I mentioned I liked were coffee, candles & wine- big shocker huh?

I received this really great book called I love coffee! (which I really do) so when I discovered that this book included 100 easy recipes I was all about it! Today I want to share with you a super yummy one that you can easily substitute some of the ingredients in- which I needed to do for the dairy stuff.  In the warm months I'm a fan of the iced or blended drinks so this one is right up my caffeine loving alley.

I've only been able to try one recipe so far and because I'm still learning how to substitute things out, it has been interesting to see if I can still have yummy treats.  The verdict is in- yes I can.  Here is the recipe along with my substitutions below each ingredient!

(found on page 130 of the book)

2 (6oz) containers fat free cappuccino yogurt
-i used nogurt in chocolate-

1 cup fat free milk
-i used almond milk-

2 cups low-fat mocha or coffee ice cream
-i used 2 cups lactose free vanilla, 1 tbsp dry coffee grounds & 1/4 cup brewed coffee-

cocoa powder for garnish
ground Cinnamon for garnish

1) place all ingredients in the blender, blend until smooth (add ice if desired)
2) pour in glasses & chill if desired
3) add whip cream or garnishes if desired
4) drink up!

The next gift was great because Christie combined my love for two things that I can make into something pretty- wine & candles.  She sent over this really cool wine candelabra (the top part shown in the photo above),  basically you take the metal part and place it on any empty wine bottle to have!  Its so interesting, and I think will be great to put outdoors for dinner parties with some citronella's in it so the bugs don't mess with us. Cute and functional!

If you like the items I just shared they are both available on amazon here & here.  Thanks again Danielle for hosting the giveaway and Christie for sending over the goodies. xo


  1. Yummy! Sounds delicious!

  2. What a fun link up/swap to participate in.

  3. YUM! Coffee is my life source lol!

  4. Great gifts from the swap party, which I've registered to participate in future events. I love these secret swaps, I'm always signing up for secret pal things. Even though I'm not a coffee drinker (gasp!!!) I do like that candelabra. I have a large dining table that two or three of these in the middle would look fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day!

    Nicole @ Three 31
    nicole.m.hutchison (at)

  5. ohh that sounds soo yummy! i am addicted to coffee and this frothy drink sounds amazing right now while it's hot! :) thank you