Mani-Monday: orly ombre

Its that time of week again (yay!).  I hope you were able to have an extra day off this weekend for the holiday and take some time to focus on you!  I had about 4 polish changes this week, but only really photographed one. This ombre sorta thing I did with a bunch of clearance Orly polishes I scored on the cheap!  I really was only going to use one color, but loved them all and couldn't make up my mind.

Last week we had so many great link ups and my favorite creative ones were a tie between Anna Delores and Denissa.  However I just had to share this -matching lips & nails- post by Ma Nouvelle Mode! I really adore the way they showed off so many different shades.

Now its your turn to link up with Heather & myself each week (monday-friday the link is open) and share whatever the excuse was to take a break and be pretty.  Don't forget you can also tag #maniparty on twitter or instagram if you want to link up that way too!  



  1. Love the ombre nails.

  2. Oh, I love these!!! I have a set of colors I have thinking about doing an ombre nails with. After this I totally have too!

  3. i love the look of matching nails and lipstick colour. a retro but classic look. so charming.

  4. Oooh, love the ombre w/ diff colors!! So cute :)Thanks for the compliment on my mani!