to live a long full life means to never give up..

Some people are lucky enough to have both of their parents for their whole life.  I was lucky to have a mom who was strong enough to raise me on her own and take me away from a bad situation.  My biological father wasn't the greatest, but when I heard he killed himself 2 months shy of my 18th birthday I couldn't help but to cry.  I wasn't sad because I knew him or missed him, I was sad because I would never have the chance to meet him.  Sad that somewhere out there I have grandparents I don't know, siblings I've never met and that me having his same blonde curly hair is the only thing I knew of him.  He was 49.. he decided to sit in his car in his garage, all alone.. and end it all.

When Kim from The Sasse Life contacted me about her new shop called Loved, and that proceeds from each sale benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention I knew I wanted to help.  If I was sad over the loss of someone I wouldn't ever get to know, then I can't imagine what losing an actual loved one could ever be like.  Kim does though...

Everyone always remembers their engagement. 
I will never forget it.. not because of my gorgeous ring. 
It was the same day I lost my aunt to suicide.
I thought about the last time I told her I loved her.
Not recent enough. Not nearly enough.

I was inspired to open up a shop called Loved.
We all need to be reminded we are loved.
50% of the proceeds are donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Today I will be giving away a necklace (winners choice of color) from my shop.
Not to gain readership, not to gain fans.. but to do something good.
Something small that can add up to something big.

Every little bit helps.  To enter this giveaway we are giving you multiple chances to enter and to do something good too.  You can become a fan of The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention on facebook for one entry.  Below you can donate any amount (100% of proceeds from donations will be given to the AFSP), you can sponsor Kim's cousin in an Out of Darkness Community Walk. Or you can purchase any of the Loved brooches from the Loved Shop to help benefit suicide prevention. If you do any of the items listed please send a private email letting me know you did so ( subject -you are loved- 

Don't forget to remind your family and friends how much they are loved!
Let's help make a difference.
There is always an answer besides suicide.

The Sasse Life
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Just Readers can use code:
LOVELY20 to take 20% off any purchase in the Loved shop.


  1. My brother n law took is life back in 1993 just two days before my another sister was to be married. He left behind my sister and three kids. they refer to him has Dean, not their dad. It makes me sad.

  2. I didn't know you had this shop.I'm so sorry for your loss but its so nice that you are trying to raise awareness for the cause.

  3. What an amazing idea. Love this <3

  4. wow this is wonderful! but im so sorry for what has happened. sending prayers & happy thoughts your way. your blog is adorable btw, new follower.

    xx kelly

  5. Thank you . This post if perfect for my friend that lost her sister last year to suicide and left 3 children behind.

  6. Thanks Allice (tutuland) for the link to this page. Would love a brooch that says Peace since that's exactly what I hope my sister's suicide brought her since it has brought nothing but unrest to us that are left behind. Thanks for sharing your story and doing the right thing and promoting suicide prevention awareness

  7. Thank you for sharing. My cousin killed himself about 4 1/2 years ago leaving behind three children. His parents & siblings were very heart broken by his passing along with the rest of the family. It was so sad to realize that he was gone especially when we had all just seen him at Thanksgiving & he was so happy, but then it seemed he wanted to see us all again and be happy before he passed--so that somehow helped me to cope. Thanks again for your post and I know I'll be checking out the shop.

  8. My dad tried to end his life the same way in 96, but my mom and sister found him in the garage before it was too late. He passed away in 2011 due to cirrhosis of the liver {which was still suicide, just more suffering for everyone else}. Thank you for sharing this. I'll help spread the word!

  9. You had me in tears. I'm sorry about your aunt. And I love what you made it into.
    Your such a blessing to have in my life.
    And I can relate, I've always had my mema to lean on most of my life when my mom and dad weren't around. But it makes you who you are. Love this post.

    ps. im doing a new series and would love for you to stop by and let me know what you think :)

    happy thursday!

  10. My first loss, that I can remember, was when I was around 12 or so. One of my brother's best friends, who was like a big brother to me, decided to sit in his car in the garage and kill himself. He was barely 18 and barely graduated from highschool. It was my first funeral, my brother and his' band teacher from junior high played the saxophone he'd never pick up again. I'll never forget that day.

    A year or so ago, a friend of a couple close friends, who had hung out with and had dinner with a week before, decided to go off his meds. The last time I saw him, he was as happy as could be. We all went crabbing and then had one of their mom's cook the crabs for dinner and had quite the feast. A week later, he walked to the local hospital parking lot, poured gasoline on himself and lit a match. He literally burned himself to death and according to witnesses screamed that he was sorry.

    I have been to four funerals in my 24years; one due to old age, one due to reckless driving and two due to suicide. I'm not a person who cries, I laughed when my mom's dad died (he was horrible to us) but I cry everytime I think of those two.

    Thank you for taking part in such an important organization.

  11. What a great post- I suffered from a personal experience in my life when I was going through a deep depression where thoughts of not being on this Eather were a daily occurrence.