Introducing: mani-monday ❤

If you are my friend in real life, follow me on instagram or have seen my loot.. well you know I'm a polish fanatic.  I have a little pinterest board dedicated to pretty little fingers.  I change my polish almost as much as I change my underwear .which that happens daily, ok people.

If you saw me at Snap last weekend in Utah you might have seen that I had different nails each day, or you might have heard that I polished them while driving over there.  Multi-task like what!?  So it shouldn't be a surprise that I would want to have Nail Polish become a feature over here on the blog.  

What I want to clarify about this feature is that its not for fashion, its not to be vain, its not because we are spoiled girls who get our nails done.  Its for you.  Its for you to take time, just a little bit of time out of your day to do something nice for yourself.  When I started reading Moorea Seal, I loved her series called Paint Your Love, in polishing her nails she had a reason behind it.  My reason is clear, take time for you.

Do you polish your nails each week? Do you do your little girls toes for her? Do you and a friend or family member go get pedis together? Have you tried a new fun tutorial for nails or bought a polish?.. SHARE IT!  As long as its nail related and you took time for yourself, took pride in being a girl and really just enjoyed a little bit of color in your life then really all of those reasons are great. Join Heather from Glitter & Gloss and myself every monday and have those posts ready to link up! You can use this button here for your post and when you link up it will show on both our blogs! xo



  1. LOVE it! We're all about the mani. And the pedi. They both get love from us. We're equal opportunity like that. ;)

    We do a POTM (that would be Polish of the Month) post, so we'll have to start linking those up with your Mani Mondays.

    As for how often I change my polish?? Wait, I think the wind just changed direction, time to repaint my nails. Yep, I love my polishes that much!

    Love your blog so much!! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. So fun! I would love to join in! It's a bit hard to paint my nails with a 4 1/2 month old though...even if they get painted, there's rarely enough time to dry. lol but I am determined! :D

    1. Try the NYC brand quick dry nail polish. Seriously, 100% dry in a minute flat!!


    2. also I swear by Nail Enamel Dryer Spray.. its like hairspray for your nails lol.. most beauty supply shops carry it =)

  3. great idea! can't wait to join in!

  4. This is really nice!! I actually have a post I did in the past and I am going to do another about the stick on nail polish!!! I also have a little girl who is ALL ABOUT her nails!! Le Sigh!!! Thanks for the awesome concept!

  5. Stopping by from Glitter & Gloss :) Can't wait to link up!!

  6. Awesome!!! I am addicted to polish as well!!! I may not get to it quite as much as I used to (wet nails and little people don't mesh well-LOL)but I would love to follow this series for sure :)

  7. Ooh I do paint my nails a lot- well actually my Mom owns a beauty salon so I am very lucky that I get them painted for free. I will definitely be joining on this.


  8. LOVE this post! I do my nails once a week and my daughter and I do them together (she's 12 and content to do her own...doesn't NEED momma's help!). I've added a few of my nails links so you can check them out....a linky party would be fun!!
    Check them out!! Have a great Sunday