what is beauty to you?

For over a month The Beauty Files has been a great way to learn some tutorials, hear stories and link up your own favorite beauty products. Today Kelsie McNair from with lavender and lace is sharing a really sweet and inpiring post about finding beauty in confidence.

BEAUTY! What is that, even? Who is that? How do I get it? How can I become that? In my experience of this ever changing emotional and physical roller coaster that I like to refer to as life, I'm constantly bumping into questions like this. So I've put together a little guide of what I believe keeps you feeling beautiful inside and out: it's just a bit of confidence! I hope some of these tips can inspire you to take a few extra steps in your life to keep yourself happy and confident . . . keeping you beautiful!

Being confident in your work.

We all have to work because we all have to make money. With that being said, we don't all have dreamy jobs that make and keep us happy. My best advice to you all is to stay positive in your work! You've got to make the best out of what you have because some people can't find jobs at all! I think it's important to find a few little things that you do enjoy within your work and do them as best as you possibly can. Also, you need to be spending time doing something you enjoy outside of work too, like a hobby or craft (knitting, photography, drawing, running,  singing, baking, dancing, writing fantasy novels, twirling, blogging, creating, etc.). Section out time of your busy week to spend working on a project that makes you happy; something you love to do and are good at doing. This little bit of time that you get to spend doing something you love each week will help you feel refreshed and will hopefully provide some comforting relief if your work environment is stressful. Also, if you've been tossing around ideas of moving onto a career that might make you a happier person, my advice is to study and work hard for it, but start taking steps now! You'll never know if that job or career could be yours until you begin to chase it down! Stay positive and know that if you work hard enough and want something enough. You can get it!

Having confidence in your friendships.

Some of my best advice to keeping yourself sparkly and happy would be to have a seriously sweet support system. People come and go in your life always but there are just a few that make their way into your heart and live there forever. When you're down or having a rough patch or just barely surviving in a "funk," let it loose to a close friend. Ask for advice, ask for help. Reach out to the ones you love because they love you too and want you to be happy!  Spending quality time with people you genuinely admire and support is a great way to unload negative energy and rebuild confidence. Sometimes, they know exactly what you're going through and they might have the greatest advice in the world to offer! I like to have hilarious friends because laughing is something that keeps me constantly happy, and this shows!

Staying confident in your own shoes.

Staying confident in your own shoes. Take a step back and look at your present self—the YOU that is YOU right now. Recognize that this person has been through a lot to get to where they are and they are on their way somewhere else. Each moment is significant and it is really important to think about the future, however, don't forget to think about today. Every experience you have and make for yourself helps you become the person you want to be, take the time to realize each day is special and try to get something out of it, even if its something small. You will look back on today years from now and ask yourself about accomplishments and success, so make the best of it. Be confident that this person you are now wont always exist in this way, we all are constantly changing little by little and soon you will be onto the next thing, thinking with a different mind than before.

As far as appearances go, I'll be the first to tell you how fun I think clothes and make up are, and how they can be confidence boosters. I love dressing up for my shop and posting photos of outfits and styling things. If I had any advice for this, I'd have to say you've got to give up what other people are thinking about you. If you manage to let this go, you can look and dress and play however you want without pressure from anyone. As long as you love it and show that you love it . . . well what else could make a person more beautiful? You'll be a shining star simply because you know you are one!

I know, this stuff sounds like it is so far from the idea of beauty, but I don't really think it is. I believe that if you feel wonderful—you will look wonderful. Appearances only matter for a small part of our relationships and memories, but feeling happy will keep you positive and beautiful for as long as you let it. And hey, if none of these things work for you or help make your life a little bit more smiley: go buy some new panties and eat chocolate covered berries. That always helps me when I need it!

with lavender and lace


  1. Dang this post hit the nail on the head!! Thank you for your words. :)

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