Pretty Little Fingers

I love me some nail polish, nail art, nail stickers, manicures & nail biting.

A girls gotta snack. I joke.

Anywayss I have dubbed these next 7 days to be all things pretty little fingers. Today I'm going to kick start it with some nail inspiration from my Pinterest board.  I re-vamped the fabric nail tutorial with better photos and it will be featured on on Thursday, it's the same one that was published for Australian magazine Bella!!!  Also Heather from Glitter & Gloss is sharing a fun tutorial this week along with a giveaway and I have some more surprises so stick around!

Here is a list of some great nail art inspiration blogs:

FuckYeahNailArt <-- I didn't make up the name, they obviously just really love nail art!

I do love a nice solid color, but I'm a huge fan of mixing colors and shapes in my nail art!


All original image sources are available by clicking on the desired photograph.


  1. What OPI polish color is that in your photo? So pretty! Thanks so much!!

    1. OPI Muppets Collection - designer de better =)

  2. Love the florals! So in this season!

    Check out my giveaway! :)

  3. I'm obscessed with nail polish! I am loving the pinkish coral color!

  4. I really love those mismatched black and white nails! Too cute :)