The Beauty Files: double wing eyeliner

We are 4 sisters that grew up stealing each other's clothes, hogging the bathroom, laughing till wee hours of the morning, and doing projects together. We have since grown up and moved away and we started our blog as a project to do together again despite the distance. We have a love for fashion, crafts, recipes, and just making beautiful things.

Hey there all! I'm Jamie from The Letter 4 and I am beyond thrilled to be here on one of my absolute favorite blogs! Lately, I've been diggin all these intense eye-line styles that seems to be all the rage everywhere I look. My sister and I stumbled on a double wing tip look and I knew I had to try it myself...

It's actually a lot simpler than I had anticipated it being. A few tips: draw on the lower wing first, and also (at least for me) a thicker base seemed to look and work better than my normal skinny base.

1. Start with a cleaned, primed lid. 
2. Draw on your base line as usual. 
3. Draw in your bottom wing tip. 
4. Draw in your upper wing tip 
(have some makeup remover and q-tips handy for your first try!) 

And last just polish it and make sure your overall shape is good! Afterwards I applied a dark pink shimmer to my whole lid and highlights next to my tear duct and under my lid. Just a little because I wanted the main focus to be the liner :)

And there you have it! Practice makes perfect! 
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Thank you so much again Heather! The sisters and I adore you!    -Jamie@theletter4


  1. Oh I love this! So pretty and it looks simple enough for my to copy :)

  2. So pretty! I hope I can steady my hands for this super cute look.

  3. Cute! I may need to try this!

  4. Cute! I am the worst in making clean lines though haha



  5. so beautiful! i think i'll do this for work on friday night.