14 days of love: love banner

If you are just stopping by or want to catch up on the 14 Days of Love Project that I'm participating in with Dana from Wonder Forest then you can view our previous projects here and here.  Today I'm sharing with you another easy & affordable tutorial, this project only cost me $2 for the poster board and stencil as the other supplies were items I had on hand.

Supplies Used: $1 Love banner (turned into a stencil), posterboard, scissors, pencil, 
glitter {via fawnandflora}, spray adhesive, clear sealer, wax paper, hole punch and string.
Optional Materials: any glitter color of your choice, other types of adhesives, any stencil of your choice

The banner (which included hearts) I found at Dollar Tree was cute, but just wasn't what I was looking for. I decided to turn it into a stencil, placed it on the poster board and cut it out. (i used a pencil but for photo purposes traced over it again in sharpie).  You could very well just spray and add glitter to this stencil, but I wanted a lighter color then the red so I made a new stencil.

Next up I laid my wax paper over the left over poster board and I lightly sprayed adhesive in sections then coated with glitter.  I wanted an ombre look so I layered the dark into the light. Let it set for just a sec, then pick up your piece and lighting tap against your work surface to get off any access glitter before you move on to the next part.

I then picked up the newly sparkled love letters and moved the wax paper out of the way to have an additional clean surface to work on, then sprayed a thin layer of clear sealer to keep in all those glitter pieces safe! The layer was thin enough that it didnt need much to dry.

You can call it good and place the letters somewhere, they would look cute in a frame or even sitting on a mantel.. I decided to punch holes in the corners, thread some string through it and make it a cute banner!

A quick, easy and affordable craft that is perfect to do my yourself, with friends or even kids!
And think of all the different types of projects you could do instead of using a 'love' sign.. 
Have Fun! xoxo


  1. awesome idea!!!
    will have to do this with happy birthday banners and such!


  2. O-M-G! How totally easy is that! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Gotta go get myself some glitter ;-) Thanks much!

  3. This is too cute! And of course, works for any design, really! Thanks for the tutorial. ;)

  4. Totally "do-able". Great idea! I just noticed you are from Oregon.. I'm in Portland! Another NW chick. ;)

  5. Cute cute cute!! Simple and easy too..just my style! Thanks for the post!!

  6. how cute! i'm gonna pin it!

  7. Love it. Pinning it :).

  8. I want one! I'm taking a trip to the dollar store tomorrow!

  9. very cute, but one question .. why didn't you just put glitter on the original banner?

    1. because of the color i was going for it wouldnt cover the red, believe me I tried it first! the red still showed through on the light glitter to the left..