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It's that time of month again (no, not that time thank god!!).. Time to invite you advertisers to apply for positions in my advertising program on Just Lovely Things.  Everything you need to know about my current rates and sizes can be found here, I'm really excited about the start of this year already and I know that it will only get better!  One year ago today I opened my shop, and my heart is so overwhelmed with where things have gone.  As most of you know I made a custom piece for Seventeen Magazine that came out last week, to top that off I sent 60 more items for them to use for an April shoot and to keep in their accessories inventory for future use (eep!).

I've also been keeping up with having this blog up to date with new fresh content, tutorials and features (thank goodness for resolutions) and I have so many amazing surprises in store.. um including a new little -ok big!!- business venture with Dana from Wonder Forest.. here's a sneek peek for you! It is a new shop we are opening together on February 14th .. top secret.. so follow us on facebook to get new updates!

I recently joined the Revolutionize Her team as one of their newest writers (contributors) and I have a rad series about business that I will be putting up over there every week next month as a part of my "Love Your Business" month over here on the blog (oodles of fun business/blog posts will be happening in february).

Plus so many great projects with other bloggers coming up.. it's only January 19th and as you can see I'm starting this year off with a bang.. how about you join in on all the fun?! 

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  1. Wow! This all SO awesome! I'm so excited for you! And I can't wait to see what you and Dana put together! =)