lazy sunday project: 7 pretty things {+ creative estates winner announced!}

You may remember last weekend I started a new featured called The Lazy Sunday Project, you can view my first post in the series here.  Basically on Sunday's I find something unplanned to do and document it.  Last week was a little more eventful with those adorable moccasins. Today it's rainy and I'm finishing up orders in the studio, but I thought I would link up with some of my favorite ladies for 7 pretty things on sunday!

7 pretty things:

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Along with 7 pretty things I'm including 7 photos from my week and 7 posts I think you should read!
Oh and those of you that entered the Creative Estates Giveaway, thank you so much for all of your entries.. the winner is announced below!

7 pictures:

It's been raining for about a week straight here, which means styling my hair is a no-no since it just goes right back to being curly, frizzy or flat.. so why not rock the natural wave?

I picked up some adorable mini-pot mums (thats what the tag called them), I'm hoping I dont kill them.  The only think I manage to keep alive is my air plant.  And this cute print is a fav I got from Scenic Glory last year.

My husband got back from working a month in Australia and was in desperate need of a haircut, since I was a color specialist I'm not to happy doing guys cuts.. plus he is uber picky and ends up with a shaved head after I'm done.  I took him to see my old work bestie Cameron (she is the main model in my shop) and I browed magazines while he got all groomed up.  Next while running errands I spotted this boyfriend toy.. um.. yeah.. see the choking hazard? Read: don't stick your new boyfriend in your mouth (insert giggles here).

I used my laptop for most everything I do, mainly because its conveinent.. but I have a pc in my studio and I finally switched out my monitor to a bigger extra one I had.. um dream come true while browsing on a 24" screen versus my older 18".

7 posts:


Thank you everyone who participated.. with 3 ways to win by entering on the blog, twitter & facebook  there was a total of 1,095 entries!  I had to go through some of the entries and make sure that there were no duplicates or random comments.. which there were.. after that I let do the rest!

The winner was chosen in order of the time stamp in which their comment was posted.
True story, I picked myself.  I actually got asked to be an instructor for The Creative Estates, but sadly had to turn it down because its my anniversary weekend (which I already have plans for) and with Snap! coming up just one month later life would be a little hectic for this gal that doesn't fly and instead roadtrips it up!  But Shealynn offered up a ticket for me to giveaway to one of you instead.. which is weird that I won it, like it's some sign I was supposed to go???

Anyways.. someone mentioned that punch tab wasn't working properly for them so I went in and put in one comment to make sure it was.. and what are the odds that, the one comment would be the one that I missed while deleting duplicates, spam and randoms?

So I double checked again every.single.entry.. which took me close to another two hours that's why I'm posting this later then planned and we now have 1094, I only missed that one comment of my own!

Congrats Andi!!! Please email me so I can put you in contact with Shealynn.. if you cannot attend the conference please let me know so that I can pick a runner-up!  Thanks again everyone!

Happy Lazy Sunday!


  1. Hilarious that you picked yourself. What are the odds?! haha

  2. funny - i think it's a sign, too. ;)

    and loving your collage - so much eye candy. so pretty!

  3. Ha! I loved that you picked yourself. Love your 7 things...and love your hair curly - super cute!

  4. Thank you so much for including my necklace love!!! <3 And the do not put your bf in your mouth...LMAO

  5. oh my goodness, i'm beyond excited! Thanks so much---wish you were going though too!

    1. yay! congrats! :) you must tell us all about it.

  6. Congratulations to the lucky winner! So funny about you picking yourself.

  7. Beautiful sets of 7's!!! I love the necklace and ring in your first grouping!!!:D

  8. Heather! I just saw you linked to my blog on here! Thank you so much girl! You're so sweet! In getting ready to redesign my blog but now you're making me second guess myself! Ha!
    PS I'm loving that "loved" necklace!