my week {in photos}

Sorry about missing last weeks' edition of my week {in photos}, 
it's been a little crazy around these parts
as the hubby got a very last minute notice that his December 28th trip to Austrailia
 had been moved up to November 7th for a month long job.
We didn't have much time to prepare, or hang out so I tried to stay away from blogging.

So I'm gonna just share what I did from Wednesday-Monday my last few days before he left.

we decided since he was leaving in 5 days we should try to hang out as much as possible

My parents live on a little farm out in the country, so Wednesday evening we went for a little visit.
They are hardcore gardeners and have some livestock, especially photogenic goats & Leopold the Cow!

We both had busy days so we decided that evening to go on a good walk around the neighborhood, 
since we live a few blocks from historic downtown there are always things to look at...
including our neighbors that haven't realized that halloween has passed!

This big green building below is where I used to have my photo studio & hair salon (the entire top floor)
before I quit doing both this year!  Some other photographer friends of mine took over the studio side, 
and my beautiful friend Melissa bought the salon side so it's still sorta the same to visit!

Was pretty chill with work for both of us.. I had a photoshoot & then went extreme couponing..
no joke.
Unfortunately someone beat me to all the goods!

Brandon & Arthur napped together while I took photos of them & my front porch!
(uber exciting stuff here people!!)

Another busy day, in fact we ate both breakfast & lunch out since we had so many errands to run.
Arthur really wanted to go with us as you can tell since those photos are of him in the morning
and in the afternoon just waiting to get outside! We also had date night and went to the movies.

I realized the cost of plane tickets to go visit Brandon for New Years.. um not gonna happen at all!

Brandon had to make list after list of things to take and things to do..
Its simple things like telling the bank you are traveling & checking your phone plan that you might forget!

Totally a chill in pjs, drink coffee, look at pretty pictures (prints I have from vol.25)
and laugh hysterically at pausing the television to have the actress make funny faces kind of day!

..... sad face day .....
I won't see this place again til I pick him up on December 8th.

We are getting used to the 18hr time difference, no use of his cellphone and sleeping alone..
well I have Arthur I can spoon, but still!

This week was a hard one, I stayed inside lots and worked on tons of orders 
and I have some insanely awesome news to share with you next week
about a new retail location to purchase JustLove.lyThings & another TVShow that requested items!

How was your week?? 


  1. Those are some Dutch looking bikes over there. I just got back from Brussels, where I was for work. So this week I hosted a Brussels marathon on my blog to blog about all the great stuff in thiw town. It sure was fun to play with all the pictures I took :-)
    Have a great weekend,

  2. your photos are so amazing! but one thing about your blog, the text font is hard to see, maybe you should change the colour :)

  3. Love your pictures! That goat really made me smile :). I hope time flies until you can see him again!!!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos! I love looking back on the week and reflecting!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Man, I need to start taking more pictures! I always, always, always have my camera on me, but somehow, it rarely ever gets further than hanging out in my purse. This must change. You've officially inspired me!! :)

  6. Exciting! What show? You are so famous. One week until QBM...I am so behind. Excuse me if my booth is empty :).

  7. i actually LOLed at the tv pausing photo! totally something i would do too hahaha

    xox dana

  8. i just wanna say, i grew up in GP and your photos make me homesick! i miss downtown and WILD RIVER!! definitely need to visit soon.

    love your blog. <3

  9. such great pics! and whoa those plane ticket prices are crazy!!!

  10. I LOVE this series!!! My post is not a week in photos, but I did take some cute pics of my kids this week! :) I hope when I get above water with orders, I can do a real week in photos post!!!

  11. Love your photos, thank you for sharing!

  12. Where is your husband?