It's my party & I'll cry if I want to...

So this weekend was my 31st birthday the 2yr anniversary of my 29th birthday! With the husband out of the country, my parents being super busy.. I had big plans to get out of town and unfortunately those fell through so I just decided I wanted to spend the day alone & be mellow.

Let me tell you something... don't ever be alone on your birthday.

Don't get me wrong, I got to do a few things that I wanted to do

-slept in with my cozy blankets, then woke up to a handsome boy-

-started a fire & made a pot of coffee-

-decided to do a deep condition on my hair for 20min & ended up leaving it on for 6hrs!!-
(ps... yes i am a professional hairstylist & yes i use grocery store brands.. that's for a future post!)

-got my pinning on!-

-looked at a couple bday cards & organized my new adorable mustard leather wallet-
(wallet from rue21)

-organized some buttons.. seriously isn't this the most exciting birthday ever?!-
however i did make a promise to myself to not go into the studio all day long
and even returned some emails saying i wasn't in my studio/office.. 
but i had to stick to my guns it was my birthday after all!

-got a sweet cupcake delivery from my friend & neighbor & coffee girl extraordinaire Megan-
-made some hair flowers.. out in the living room not in the studio!-

-decided i could have mcd's on my birthday.. made it fancy by making another fire-
(ugh goodbye fast food, you will not be missed!)

-got some no bakes from my mom, ate those and made more flowers-

-had a sugar & fast food overload so i cuddled up with my Alexandra Rose lavender heat pack- (thanks for the sweet bday gift alex!)

-decided if my purchase of chevron & tribal shirts was really a good idea-
..still undecided, until someone tells me i look cute wearing them..

-yet another cupcake delivery, by Tempest from Enticing Treats-

-catching up on smut, eating more cupcakes-

-crying while eating cupcakes on my couch alone, watching this movie and swooning over Ryan Gosling, those abs.. that accent.. his smile... ummmm oh yeah I'm married.. 
then crying more because i miss the hubs-

In the end, it was a normal & chill day and I have come to the conclusion that if no one is around to witness cupcake consumption then you will wake up the next morning 10lbs heavier and 1yr older.



  1. Happy belated birthday- and the day you had sounds wooooooonderfully relaxing!

  2. sounds like a relaxing day but i agree don't spend your birthday alone but at least you had your dog to keep you company, a wonderful fireplace to keep you warm. definitely keep those tops because they are adorable and see you at the queen bee market this saturday!!

  3. Booooo! I wish I would have known you were lonely on your birthday...not that I'm loads of excitement or anything. Oh, and I say a yes on both shirts. I need more patterns in my wardrobe :)

  4. HEATHER...we are neighbors..come bug me sometime :) we can watch hulu and eat chocolate! and ill snuggle arthur :)glad you liked the cupcakes!!! {thank you for calling me a coffee extrodinare} lol

  5. Hey girl... I am a new(er) follower and I <3 your blog AND your shop. Bummer that you had to spend your b-day alone! I am sure your hubby will make up for it once he is home ;) Happy belated birthday pretty girl!!


  6. Wow! I only wish I could get this much done when I'm left home alone all day, heheh. :) Happy Birthday lovely! x

  7. A birthday full of mcds and sweets sounds good to me :).

  8. Awwww I am so sad for you!!! I always seem to be disappointed on my b day...I usually have to plan whatever I want to do myself and end up being mad about it lol

    I turn 30 this year (so does my BFF) so WE PLANNED (see what I mean) a weekend getaway with our hubbys...CAN NOT WAIT! (But again, I had to plan it...sigh)

    Happy Bday Love!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday!
    I celebrated my 3rd anniversary of my 29th birthday on Saturday! ;)

  10. Happy late birthday. A day filled with cupcakes can't be THAT bad. :) at least you had your cute lil pooch to snuggle with!

  11. Happy Birthday. I'm coming up on the 5 year anniversary of 26 myself ;)

  12. Happy belated birthday :)
    Even though you spent it alone, it still looks pretty awesome and chilled out

  13. Happy belated birthday! Look at your uber cute doggy:-)

    Sorry you had to spend it alone, but at least you got lots of fun treats!!!

  14. lurve you, heather!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

    PS. i'm jealous of all the cupcakes you ate! ;)

  15. You are funny! I love this post and how ALL of us can relate to aspects of it...thanks for sharing and I hope your next birthday makes up for this one!

  16. Happy Birthday! I know how you feel this is the first birthday I didn't cry and sulk. It doesn't help that our birthday's are in November with the rain and lack of sun and all. You have a whole year to make sure next birthday is the best EVER!

  17. Cute post, and Happy Birthday!

  18. Looks like a swoon-worthy birthday to me! My son repeatedly told me on Sunday, "It's JUST A SUNDAY, mommy! Stop telling me to be nice to you!" Pathetic: Party of One. I watched the same movie on my birthday...we were probably crying at the same time...loved that movie! Happy birthday again, sugar. xo

  19. awww...however to anyone who has small child that day sounds like Happy birthday to you!

  20. Boo!! I'm sad that you were alone on your birthday. Happy belated birthday - I hope you get a fun night out with friends soon! xo!

  21. oh the things i would do for some of those buttons.. and a day like that! all you were missing is some rain and it would be a grade A day for me!

  22. Happy Birthday! Love your blog!!! I want to tell you that I love so much the fact you're a professional stylist and use grocery store brands! I'm not a believer in expensive products - I don't think they work any better! Anyways, thanks for a great read!

    -JB @

  23. happy birthday! hope you had an awesome day despite being alone! love your photos by the way!

    love amy

  24. oh my gosh. i just discovered your blog and after this post i am an instant follower/lover. too funny.

    xx - kristen
    mikie and kristen