handmade holiday

As I sit here trying to close my mouth, dry the drool and maybe even blink
while browsing the beautifully curated Handmade Holiday Lookbook by Ruche
the little wheels are a turning in my mind!

I've been in a little bit of a rut the last few days, but I'm ready to get the place decorated, 
make it smell all pretty and I might even take a shower! 
Of course all in preparation to roll out some amazing DIY projects (I will share of course!)
put the new holiday line (plus other stuff) in the shop and get ready for a fun filled month!

What are some of the things you are looking forward to doing before the holidays pass us by?


  1. i always love ruche look books... gah! <3

  2. this is all oh so beautiful.

  3. Ooo...some how I had never heard of that look book! I'm incredibly excited to go browse it today. =)
    Thanks for sharing!

    I'm looking forward to crocheting new projects, decorating, and nesting more around the house.

  4. ummm i loveeee this and I am so excited to start decorating, you have no idea!!!
    xox Dana

  5. I'm a huge fan of Ruche. I'm also really liking that stick tree with the tiny cloths pins on it to clip photos on it. Cute!!

  6. I was totally drooling over the DIY look book yesterday too! Now if I only I can make sure my little one didn't try to EAT the pretty little things I made!

  7. I love Ruche - everything they do is SO pretty! I better get started on my QBM display, etc. It is next week.....

    Also, I got a new lovely diy designs post coming up in about 20 minutes :).

  8. Very Lovely.. i want to do my chalk board christmasy...

    Well I like to get my family pictures finished and printed by Thanksgiving, have shopping and christmas decor finished by Dec..

    So I can relax and enjoy coffee and a good book! (:

    Courtney@ It's a Southern Thing!

  9. gorgeous pic and accessories! i'm hoping to be organized so i can fully enjoy the holidays. i'm a new follower! :)