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Well hello there you lovelies! 

I'm Meag from May Contain Nutz!
Today I'm making the long trek from Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
(to give you a little sneak peek into my new hood!

Now I am not originally from this french land I actually grew up in North Bay, Ontario. 
Yes - we have lots of snow. No - I did not live in an igloo. Seriously, people ask.
North Bay is actually nicknamed The Smoothie Capital of Canada
Don't ask me why... It's just on a sign outside the city :)

But back to Longueuil -- it's a cute little city just on the south shore of Montreal! 
I live in Vieux Longueuil which means Old Longueuil. 
It's super cute and quaint! I moved here only a few months ago so I've discovered
 so much making up this mini guide for you all!

My Favourite Restaurant -- St. Mark - Resto Pub/Terasse
If you EVER come visit the south shore please, PLEASE, PLEASE
check out this amazing restaurant! 
It has amazing Sangria, an incredible Beet & Goat Cheese with Balsamic Reduction,
 a mouth watering Steak, Avocado, Goat Cheese Salad
 and an unbeatable Grilled Salmon, Apple, Cucumber and Red Onion Salad!
 Excuse me a moment while I clean the drool off my keyboard! :)

My Favourite Street -- St. Charles
This street is the main street in Vieux Longueuil and it is just filled with culture!
There are festivals, craft fairs, concerts in the park and adorable little shops and houses!

My Favourite Place in Montreal -- Jean Talon Market
This is a dream for a food lover such as I - open 7 days a week!! 
Fresh produce, fish, meat, fruits and handmade goodies! 
Even homemade pasta! (I ate some fresh spinach linguine last night! Mmmm.)

Well I am so glad you took the time to check out my new hood! 
Thanks Heather for being so awesome and letting me crash your blog!
xo Meag

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  1. Wow, the city looks lovely! I would love to have a market like that available to me 7 days a week! Have a great day.

  2. I live so close to here - can't wait to go!!!!

    I would love to do a HIMH post for you sometime...I just moved to a lovely small city in ONtario on the St, Lawrence River.



  3. I loved living in Mtl!! Jean Talon market rocks! :)

  4. I love seeing a post from someone so close to me! I moved to the South Shore a year ago, and this gives me a few places to check out with the hubby! :) Thanks!!

  5. That looks like a lovely place to visit, live, etc! This summer I visited New Brunswick & Nova Scotia - quite far from you I know, but I was definitely loving Canada! I think we (from the US) take it for granted sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I would love to visit Montreal. The only place I've been in Canada is Windsor...I don't know if that really counts haha.


  7. i want to go there. absolutely beautiful.

  8. I have always wanted to visit Montreal and the closest I have come is Fenelon Falls, Otario. Canada is just the loviest place on earth i must say.

  9. I love all the colors in these pictures!



  10. Wish I could go there!! I love your designs so Chic!
    Check out my blog! Hope you follow back :)

  11. aaaww....how gorgeous!! one of my dreams is to go to Canada..and Montreal looks really amazing! Thanks for sharing this story. I wish you all the best!!♥