weekly recap

You could call this awesome & awkward but really 
these are the things that made me smile or frown

Things that made me =) this week:

new shampoo & i think my hair is finally growing!
a good fortune
arthur snoring with his tongue hanging out

(proof of hair growth!)

drinking out of straws
having my husband home
copying nail polish ideas off of pinterest
my first week full time at {just.lovely.things}
my mom being my assistant
eating peanuts and throwing them on the floor at roadhouse
ovulation (yep its a good thing!)

Things that made me =( this week:

running out of my favorite, and most expensive shampoo
boob sweat (yeah it happens)
my mom saying she wants to go gray and not be a blonde
having a shipping problem with a very awesome customer
dog hair on my sheets
ugly toes ( i so need a pedicure)
husband seeing my buttcrack while i cleaned my closet, not cute
this disgusting hot weather
(sorry no photos for the frown stuff!)

How was your week, I would love to hear about it!
remember its the little things that make life great
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  1. Awwwww LOVE your dog photo... what a truly snuggly big dog. adorable.
    Great tattoo you have there too!
    Glad your hair is growing... a nightly head massage helps with the stimulation of folicles too.
    Great blog post. i usually do a phone photo dump on a Sunday - you should come take a look!.
    Hope your friday is good.
    jenni. x

  2. What an adorable dog!
    & I so want a fortune cookie now!


  3. I <3 that you care if I go Gray =)

  4. newest follower :-) i love your blog. i love it when hair you have been growing out, you realize it is actually growing out!

  5. yay @ being full time now!!
    and every time you post a pic i want to see your full tattoo!
    and your hair looks cuuuute.
    and i also hate boob sweat.
    and shipping problems :(
    and i kinda <3 you!
    xox dana

  6. Congrats on being a full time blogger!! That's fantastic news! My week had it's ups and downs as well. Grad school craziness, financial aid nightmares, seeing old friends and relaxing evenings! It all evens out in the end :)

    A Sweet Release

  7. Thats a great fortune! I love your hair, you are so pretty!!

    I agree about the boob sweat! Not fun stuff!! Oh the other hand.. I think its like a pheromone to the Hubs. The Sicko! LOL

  8. Um, I just wish I had big enough boobs to GET boob sweat. haha!

  9. Oh my gosh, "boob sweat" just had me cracking up. I told my husband the other day that I need deodorant for my under boobs. Eww!

    I've been copying nail art on pinterest too - here's what I did last week: http://leilasmom.blogspot.com/2011/09/end-of-season-nails.html

    Have a great weekend, xoxox!

  10. SO Excited you are a full timer now :)

  11. I know how it feels to look in the mirror and wonder if your hair has grown or not.. The moment that you can actual notice some definite growth is such an 'Ahaa!' moment. Adorable dog you've go there :)


  12. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

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  14. that's wonderful about your hair! it's so gorgeous :) i have pcos too and am really struggling with losing mine, what shampoo are you using?

  15. love this new approach to the awkward and awesome girl!


  16. Boob sweat - reading that made me =), but I have to agree it's not cool when it happens because you're not only sweaty, but you're bra gets all gross too and that makes me =(