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Hang in my Hood
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{leonora - yellow heart art}

Hey Ya'll, I'm Leonora from Yellow Heart Art!
 (I am really unsure why I said "ya'll just now, I live on Long Island which is so not a "ya'll" kinda place.
Sorta bummed out I don't have "ya'll" privileges) 
 When Heather asked me to do a "Hang in my Hood"  post I thought "uhhh CHYEAH I wanna do that!"

I have lived on Long Island my entire life.
 The beauty of this place is that you can go an hour and a 1/2 out west and be in Hopin' New York City,
or go an hour and a 1/2 out east and be in the Swank-o-licious Hamptons.
 (I tend to add "O-licious" to the end of a lot of words, it makes me happy, you'll get used to it)
 And besides, if you look on the map Long Island looks like a giant fish--and I ask you this:
 Who wouldn't want to live in a place that looks like a giant piece of salmon? 

I really love Long Island. 
One of my favorite places to go over the summer is "Adventure Land" out in Farmingdale
 (Yeah, there was totally a movie based on it)
 It's a small amusement park thats opened in the summer—
think of it as an epic street carnival that doesn't close up after 3 days.

My shop Yellow Heart Art is basically a graphic design shop, but my other passion is photography.
 Thus why Bubs and I love going to Adventure Land to take some bodacious pictures
 (is it still cool to say bodacious? Cause I totally dropped that word like its hawt)
 Bubs is my boyfriend by the way, not my dog. Don't worry, thats not his real name.
 I totally wish it was though cause then he would be just THAT much more gangsta. 

I got Bubs into photography (high 5 to me--no high 10 to me, high 10s are way cooler)
 which is a win-win because then we get to go on photo excursions together
 (and I also get to steal all his photo equipment that I don't feel like paying for--mama didn't raise no fool)

One of the reasons why I love this place so much is that it hasn't been updated in fur-evah.

 Which is a mega plus because it has that old school vintage-esque feel to it.

Besides its vintage feel, you also get to act like a giant kid (or doofus, I tend to act more like a doofus)
you can violently whack some moles till your little heart's content

 i see you mocking me you green mole, 
let's see who'll be laughing once that buzzer goes off---come at me bro!

And can we talk about carnival food for a second? Cause pretty sure this needs to be in my daily diet STAT

 What? Cotton candy is a FAT FREE food, it's legit. Eat away, tell your doctor I said it was OK.

Its kinda weird though, whenever I go to Adventure Land I get a bad case of  "reverse double jaw" syndrome.
 I've been meaning to get this checked out, but I think it kinda makes me look supah baller.

 So I think I'll leave it alone. Besides I get to fit more food in my mouth and that to me is a mega win (I like to eat, ok?)

I fell in love with this obnoxiously large giant green ape.

ok guys, let's just ignore the inappropriately strategically placed banana between said green ape's legs.

So Bub was all like "Yeah, I can win that for ya" (insert manly grunt here)
and I was all like "HA" (I'm a very encouraging and supportive girlfriend)
All Bub had to do was go up this latter

get to the top, and bada bing Leonora leaves Adventure Land with a 4ft Neon Green Ape
 with a banana between his legs that her prince charming won (Back off ladies, he's mine)

up he goes 

hey bub pretty sure that's not how you win me a Giant Ape


aaaaand Man Down
no giant green ape (womp womp)

Let me know if ya'll are ever on Long Island! (Dang it, did it again--I keep forgetting I don't have "ya'll" privileges)
 and if you're into photography let me know so we can hang out, I would love to test out your photo equipment ;)

Thank you so much Heather for letting me be a part of Just Lovely Things!
 Ekkkkkk (thats my super excited squeal, promise)

Leonora (or Leo2theNora)


  1. i LOVE leonora - she is hilarious and amazing! these photos are so awesome too. love the one with the moles, esp. the little green guy. too fun!

  2. Leonora is awesome! I enjoyed these pictures - I wish a visit to Long Island was in my immediate future :)

  3. love these pictures so much!!

  4. HA! bubs sucks at winning me obnoxious carnival prizes.



  5. haha, that was just too cute! I'll definitely have to check out her blog, that was super entertaining!

    A Sweet Release

  6. Gorgeous photos!! Love her eye for details.