vintage shine

By now most of you have heard of Ashley from The Shine Project right?
This lovely lady stays B-U-S-Y and everything she touches, well it just shines <--seriously!

One of her newest adventures is The Vintage Shine Shop

First you should learn a little more about Vintage Shine through Ashley's own words

I'm Ashley, and I believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful. 
My mom owns an estate sale business, so I've grown up sifting through old junk, 
moth balls, and dust that makes my nose itch. 
Among the grime, I've come to have a keen eye for finding vintage pieces that are gems.
 Most people wouldn't give them a second glance, but styled right, they look like a million bucks. 
Okay, not a million, but pretty close.

I'm here to share my love of all things vintage with you, 
and be your guide in picking out the right items for your style, shape, and budget. 
My blog posts will reflect how to style what is in the shop,
 and feature buyers who have taken an item and made it their own. 
Shine on sistas.

Even if you dont have a love for vintage, Ashley also makes these fabulous necklaces and for a good cause! 
A portion of the money brought in from these goes towards 
The Shine Project Fund and in 2012 they will have their first ever Shine Project Scholarship
which will go towards the tuition of an inner city student's college expenses.. how cool is that!?

So either way you look at it, Ashley is a cool chick with amazing priorities in her life.
She is someone you should follow, support and friend.  I promise her shine is contagious!

I'm sure she has more links then that, but I know you will find her!


  1. I LOVE that girl. Her stuff is beyond gorgeous. I have my eye on a few things :)

  2. i LOVE the Shine Project!

  3. Well I may be the only one to admit this but I have never heard of 'the shine project'... Maybe cause I'm in UK. I dunno. But I love shabby chic, vintage, history in general tbh so in will defo check her links out. Thanks for posting.
    Jennie. X

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I had never heard of it. :/ I am always out of the kool loop though. thanks for sharing! :)