The Goody Guide (pt 1)

With holidays right around the corner (please don't get here too soon though),
holiday shopping will be in full swing.. These shops are around all year long,
and for those that don't celebrate Christmas & those that do.. a guide is just want you need.
For anytime of year!

(image via the style file)

Halloween and Thanksgiving haven't even made their way to the calender, 
and Christmas is already getting shoved into our faces by the retailers.
Come on industry giants don't push winter here, when what I really want is fall!!!

If you are a planner and like to get shopping done early, or at least get an idea for gifts, 
why not buy handmade for the ones you love?
The older I get the more I realize that the things people have bought for me in the past, 
and the things I have purchased for them are all things we can buy ourselves.
While browsing handmade, I feel that its more personal, thoughtful and intentional.
A gift that means something more then store-bought-pre-packaged-ness.

If you haven't had a chance to browse my sidebar, you are missing out!
My sponsors are insanely creative and beautiful people making creations that make great gifts!

To help your browsing needs I've whipped up a quick list to easily show you what each
sponsor of mine (that has a shop) features, including their shop link if you just click on their name.. 
Have fun!!!

The Goody Guide
(not only for the holidays, but all year long)

-home decor, prints, soft plushies & accessories-

-hair accessories & shoe clips for casual and fancy days-

-accessories for you & your home-

-insanely adorable paintings-

-hair, neck & finger pretties-

-hair & jewelry adornments-

-jewelry (+ personalized hand stamping)-

-hand cut & stitched hair goods-

-ruffled farmstyle aprons, totes & skirts-

-crocheted lovelies for babies, adults and photo props-

-clutches & wallets with fun patterns-

-scarves and hair accessories-

-insanely adorable hair pretties-

-market totes, prints and re-useable sandwhich baggies-

-accessories, paper goods & supplies-

-cute cloth accessories-

Stay tuned later this week for Part 2 of The Goody Guide!


  1. love love love!
    and i agree, handmade gifts are so much more personal!
    xox dana

  2. Such a fun post - and so true...handmade gifts are the best to give and receive :).

  3. Wow, I am loving all those shops!!

  4. What a Brilliant idea to share these! And so true, handmade is awesome! I always dreaded shopping for others for birthday and holidays! Its so hard. Now I only ever give handmade. Either made by me or another handmade shop I love. :)

  5. I really like this idea! I might have to do something similar! ;)
    And handmade gifts are so much better!


  6. ohhhh my.. I can feel my purse strings opening already...
    Caught my eye was Aisle to Aloha
    and Glow Kouture *wishes* i would get all this for Xmas myself!
    i plan to handmake alot this yer and will defo be checking out your sponsors pages. Soo unique.

  7. This is SO TRUE!
    I never really thought about using Etsy to buy for all my christmas gifts. But now that I actually delved into etsy myself, and started to sell my creations, i want to support handmade even more now! I know how much hard work goes into all these lovely creations!
    THanks for sharing!

  8. love this! I try to always be a handmade gift giver! thanks for the ideas!

  9. Thanks for the post! I love all of it. And this year I will be buying handmade items just because they are so unique and you can't get at a store.

  10. your sponsors are always so amazing!

  11. so nice to have such amazing sponsors!